[C#] Example Crypter - A crypter example source code

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[C#] Example Crypter - A crypter example source code

Post by Admin on Sat Mar 11, 2017 7:51 pm

It's been a long time since the last time I've seen a crypter example written in C# that demonstrates various methods. I decided to write an example crypter in C# to help people who like C# get an idea of how crypters work.


  • Native resources storage method
  • Managed resources storage method (CodeDom)
  • Simple AES encryption
  • RunPE Injection (injects to vbc.exe)
  • Add file to startup
  • Hide file from the file explorer
  • Change the stub's icon using CodeDom
  • Commented in the most critical parts


Oppresor (RunPE)
Odinz (Angelic Wings) (Idea)
Various other people for various reasons.

Source Code:
Example Crypter - GitHub

This source code was written for educational purposes. Do not expect it to be FUD. Some tips might include moving the runpe to an encrypted dll in resources, refactoring the code, replacing methods with alternative ones etc. The source is commented on its most critical parts (compiling, encrypting, structuring the stub). The stub is also commented to help you get an idea. I am not including any password for the file, no PPD, no begs for replies or PMs. This section is a school, not a kiosk where you can bargain for these.


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