NanoCore - Modern, Stable, Secure and Expandable Remote Administration Tool

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NanoCore - Modern, Stable, Secure and Expandable Remote Administration Tool

Post by Admin on Sat Mar 11, 2017 7:26 pm

NanoCore is a remote administration tool intended for use in businesses, schools, and homes. Uses range from batch file operations such as installing software on networked machines to monitoring the computer usage of employees, students, and children. It is important to note that NanoCore should only be used on computers in which you own and never without the consent of subject parties. This is not only immoral but could also be illegal in your state or territory. Please check your local laws before purchasing or using NanoCore. If used illegally you could be subject to fines or arrest.

Under absolutely no circumstance shall the owner(s) of NanoCore be held liable for your use of the software or any consequences therein. Please use it responsibly.
(Password is "NanoCore" without the quotes.)

What is NanoCore coded in?:
Visual Basic .NET (client and server) and requires .NET Framework 2.0 SP1 to function.

Is NanoCore "FUD"?:
No, nor will I ever make any attempt to make NanoCore "FUD".

Is NanoCore malware?:
NanoCore is NOT malware. It is intended to be used legitimately and I don't want to see words like "slave" and "infect".


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